Spotlight :: Nashville

nashville[trip style = urban + sightseeing]

{Editor's Note: I'm on the last stop of a one-way road trip from Tennessee to Texas, starting in Nashville and wrapping in San Antonio. More on each of my stops in the weeks ahead. Today; Nashville!}

I found part of my soul in Nashville. Maybe it's the music; there are more musicians per capita than any other city in the world. Maybe it's the people; they seem to know a thing or two about balancing contemplation and cheer, there are lots of churches in Nashville AND just as many bars! Maybe it's the small town atmosphere; the entire place feels like a collection of neighbourhoods rather than a big city. All I know is the second I stepped off the plane, there was a bearded gent playing live music in the airport singing a soulful tune of his own creation. At that moment, before I even hit Nashville's streets, I knew I'd like it. And I did.

Here's where it's at in Music City USA:

Eat barista parlor barista parlor barista parlor food Barista Parlor

Mas Tacos Mas Tacos

rolf and daughters rolf and daughters food Rolf and Daughters

loveless cafe Loveless Cafe. Go for breakfast. They are a half-hour outside of town, and uber Southern--->they make over 7,000 biscuits per day!

Do hatch show print hatch show print posters Hatch Show Print. The oldest letterpress print shop in North America.

ryman auditorium ryman auditorium above Ryman Auditorium. The original Grand Ole Opry.

country music hall of fame Country Music Hall of Fame

cowboy shopping Trail West. Cowboy shopping!

nashville bike share B-cycle Bike Share

Stay hotton hotel Hutton Hotel

[photos taken by @tripstyler while a partial guest of Nashville (except hutton hotel via jetsetter)]