Genius Pack Hack

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Packing light is not for every traveler and trip, but with many US carriers charging for checked bags, and now Canadian carriers following suitI'm looking at you Air Canada and WestJettraveling with a carry-on LITERALLY makes "cents." 

In addition to saving an average of $25 per bag, bringing a carry-on also simplifies packing and unpacking, reduces airport time and guards against the dreaded moment when your bags don't arrive on the carousel. 

Enter the "pillbox packing" method, found online by Nicole, a TS reader and contributor. Used by The Army and a slew of savvy packers worldwide, this one-minute pack hack eliminates anything unnecessary. {Use this method right, and your efficient packing can still be en vogue!}. 

I'm not suggesting you only pack a T-shirt, underwear, toothbrush and sox for your next one- or two-night getaway; however, I was totally inspired by the simplicity of this method, and have decided a few small modifications {ie: bringing a small toiletries case with make-up and skincare essentials, and wrapping a belt, sweater, skirt, tank top or necklace into the bundle} could take this pack hack from wishful thinking to workable, and still allow me to toss it into my tote. See top and bottom photos for the before and after.   

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Overnight {Without the Baggage}

[photos by @tripstyler]