10 Ways to Stretch Summer

10 ways to extend summer

[trip style = glamping + sun + food + wine]

First things first. Summer does not officially end until September 21st. The back-to-school/work hustleor its mentalitymay be in full swing, but that's not to say that we can't continue to wear shades or shorts, go to the beach, or bite into watermelon like it's going out of style. 

If you're summer-obsessed like we are, here are 10 ways to avoid falling into fall too quickly.


1/ Book a trip 
Since summer never really ends in my trip styling books {I prefer to extend it into the winter}, know this: One of the BEST times to book travel is in early September. Planes bound for tropical locals are running at quarter capacity, resorts are more quiet than libraries, and best of all, prices reflect this low season bliss.  


2/ Resist "fall mode"
With 19 days of vitamin D-painted skies still on the seasonal horizon, keep your back-to-school clothes in the closet in favor of a warmer color palette and easy-breezy styles.


3/ Find a water source
Don't spend your free evenings or weekends doing errands {that's what October is for!}. Instead, take advantage of the weather and go to the beach, the lakeside or a pool and savor every last bit of heat September is graciously giving.


4/ Say no to the Pumpkin Spice Latte {PSL}
Synonymous with sweaters and cords and leaf peeping {a trip style favored by fall foliage enthusiasts}, the PSL has made an early arrival at Starbucks this year. Here at Trip Styler HQ, we're not fans of the florescent orange beverage {remember when it was tasty and sported a non-offensive color circa 10 years ago?}. We'd much rather hold on to memories of picnics and polka dot bikinis with bevvie trends like iced tea lemonades, fresh-pressed juices and blackberry cocktails. 


5/ Have gas will grill
Have as many barbecues as your grill can handle. Come Novembruary, you'll be longing for warm nights and the summery scent of just-flamed veggies or meat wafting your way. 


6/ Keep s'moresing


7/ Go Glamping
Once a summer-only trip style, glamping is going through a coming-of-age with many outfitters introducing heated tents and accommodations built for wilderness Ritz'ing year-round; meaning even if it cools down at night, you can still live the summer dream. 


8/ Drink rose
Like white jeans, we refuse to give up our rose after labor day. If rose tickles you pink, too, some of our favorites include: Le Vieux Pin Vaila Rose, Gray Monk Rotberger, Joie Farm Rose, Road 13 Honest John's Rose, or for something cheap and cheerful, La Vieille Ferme Rose. And since we're on the topic, September is a great time to go trip style = wine tasting.


9/ Channel Saint-Tropez
Just because the sun is setting earlier doesn't mean you have to throw your summer tan out to sea. Keep your glow going with these tips from St. Tropez's self-tanning expert.


10/ Wear white  
As we alluded to in number eight, we don't buy into the age-old rule of packing away our whites until springtime. In fact, we challenge you to wear them after labor day and into winter, because nothing says winter chic like white. Duh. 

Pssst: when in doubt, visit a tiki bar. They do "the {tropical} trick" every time. 

[photos my own, except lead, 4, 5, 9, 10 via various online sources]