Fashion Friday :: Mad for Hats

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This post is written by Trip Styler fashion and lifestyle blogger Heather.

I've accumulated a handful of hats over the years---straw hats for summer, wool toques for winter, ball caps for weekends and my absolute favorite, wide-brimmed fedoras for any d*mn time I please. While working as a television stylist and wardrobe consultant, I learned that there are generally two types of people when it comes to hats: people who think they look ah-mazing and people who think they look TERRIBLE. If you don't think you're a hat person, I challenge you to try some on, and then some more, like you're trying on sunglasses---super embarrassing until you the find the perfect style and fit.

Hats are memorable. They don't just make you and your outfit memorable, they also remind you of the times in your life when you wore them, like a favorite song or band. I can tell you about all the trips I've taken with my Steven Alan Janis Fedora like I can tell you about all the road trips I've taken listening to "Viva La Vida" or Milo Greene.

Here are a few more benefits of hats:
- They're better than dry shampoo for bad hair days.
- They give you an air of mystery.
- They stave off the cold.
- They automatically create a "look."

Trip Styler Tip: Don't pack your felt hat in your suitcase---wear it on the plane to avoid a "crushing" discovery upon arrival.

When looking for a hat:
- Forget trends and go for one that makes you feel fabulous.
- Try it on in person.
- Know your hat size.

Check out my nine picks for timeless toppers that will change your game at the drop of a ... hat.

1/ Rag & Bone wide brim fedora, 2/ Janessa Leone lucy, 3/ Shade + Slouch the alexandra fedora, 4/ Janessa Leone vera, 5/ Iron and Resin ranchero hat, 6/ Catarzi for ASOS classic fedora, 7/ Free People matador hat, 8/ Etudes unisex midnight hat, 9/ Federica Moretti torero hat

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