Roll-On Essential Oils for Travel

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In my restorative yoga class last week, the instructor came around and offered each class member a pump of lavender lotion for our hands, which we raised up to our noses in prayer position and breathed in the floral aroma to prepare ourselves for class. While this practice scored a little too patchouli for comfort on my new-age-o-meterwell, that and the eight minutes of shanti chantsthe lavender had a calming effect over me and helped me leave behind outside distractions and focus on my breathing.

Aromas trigger emotional and physiological responses in our bodies and our brains, making them therapeutic problems solvers instead of simply pleasant scents. Essential oils are concentrated liquids distilled from plants, and while they may be trendy, they're also lifesavers for travelers. To ease stress, try lavender or frankincense. For energy and balance, try grapefruit and lemon. For jet lag and motion sickness, try peppermint and ginger. If these don't work, you could always work on your eight-minute shanti chants, but I think I'll explore aromatherapy instead.

I've assembled a small list of easy-to-pack rollerball oils for travel. To use, roll a little on your temples, wrists, neck and pressure points behind your ears. When flying or traveling in close quarters, be mindful of others and their scent sensitivity.

Aesop Ginger Flight Therapy
- Ginger Root, Lavender, Geranium
- For stress, nausea or weariness

Aveda Stress-Fix Concentrate
- Lavender, Lavandin, Clary Sage
- For stress

H. Gillerman Organics Travel Remedy
- Lemon Balm, Lavender, Orange, Palmarosa, Cedar
- For jet lag or discomfort with sitting

Silk Road Happy Wellness Remedy
- Lemon Balm, Grapefruit, Lavender, Tropical Verbena
- For energy and mood enhancement
- Love this one! I purchased it on a recent trip to this shop and spa in Victoria, BC.

Trip Styler Tip: These oils are safe to use topically, but if you have individual pure essential oils, combine them with a carrier oil like jojoba or almond to avoid skin burns. Or, as an alternative, place a drop of oil on a cotton cloth, raise it to your face and breathe in deeply.