Exercise: From Home to Hotel


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"Even if it's just 10 minutes a day, it's WORTH IT" celeb bodyworker Lauren Roxburgh told me as we chatted about an everyday fitness routine that goes from home to hotel with ease.

Author of upcoming book Taller, Slimmer, Younger, Roxburgh is the spokesperson for Walk the World a Fitbit-powered wellbeing initiative I attended imagined by Element HotelsStarwood Hotels and Resorts' "main stay" for the active traveler including unique-to-North-America extras such as saltwater pools, health-conscious breakfast and rooms each with a kitchenette.

The health effort encourages travelers to log their strides with Fitbit and collectively amass 24 million stepsthe amount required to walk between between Element Hotels in Vancouver and their first property in Asia Pacific.   

Partnering with the initiative makes sense for Lauren {above, center}, who credits walking, as well as her "Taller, Slimmer, Younger" regime with keeping her fit, refreshed and productive {think: authoring GOOP.com fitness how-tos, training A-list clients, wrangling a tot, etc..}. 


"It's about establishing patterns, and once you do, you'll see and feel results even with 10 minutes a day" she explained. SOLD. I can {and will} find 10 minuteswhether I'm at home or in a hotel. 

10 minutes to Taller, Slimmer, Younger
1/ Invert to stimulate the lymphatic system, flush toxins and decompress the spine. 
2/ Side-bend to reduce the muffin top-effect, bring in the body's hourglass and relieve anxiety.
3/ Breathe deep to jump-start stress relief. 
4/ Twist to ring out organs and reduce inflammation. 

For examples of HOW TO do each of the above body boosters, check out Lauren's GOOP.com demos

[photos via Element Hotels/Phillip Chin]