Holiday Gift Guide 2015

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Ever since Trip Styler debuted in 2009, we've done a holiday gift guide. 'Tis the season! In past years it skewed gadgety or aspirational, whereas this year it's internationalhow aproposwith Italian, Japanese and Mexican finds to bundle you up, cool you down and transport you afar. 

Expandable Beach Bag
Sourced on the palm- and juice bar-studded shores of Tulum, Mexico, enter the ultimate beach bag for those who like to pack smart. Featured in the Trip Styler Store, our totes sport leather straps and woven mesh that packs flat and compact, and then expands as you add your beach or pool essentials. 
--> Find our boho totes in yellow, brown, white, blue and pink in the Trip Styler Store

The Kinfolk of Travel Magazines
Flipping through the pages of this bi-annual magazine about travel and style is a journey until itself. Everything about the magazine is chic from the thick white-matte pages to the whitewashed photos from afar. 
--> Find it in select shops and online

Modern Kimono
Half blazer, half kimono, we spotted this tailored hybrid while in Japan, brought a few home for the Trip Styler Store, and wear ours almost once a week. It's chic, it's worldly and it's pulled together.
--> Find our mod kimonos in black and subdued black prints in the Trip Styler Store

DYI Aperol Kit
This summer in Italy we jumped on the Aperol train, and we've never got off. We can't. It's a trip in a tumbler. Every time we drink Italy's libation of choice, we're transported to a cobblestone street in Capri. Gifting it to a cocktail-obsessed loved one is smart because it's easy to put togetherall you need is Aperol, prosecco and sodaand will make it seem like you have your finger on the pulse of what people are sipping worldwide.
--> Find the recipe and ingredients in our That Travel Meal series

Espresso Maker
Another beverage {of the non-alcoholic variety} that became a regular for us in Italia was espresso, which we made in a Moka Express, an iconic, 1930s-developed espresso maker. So into the brewing technique and taste, we brought one home with us from Italy. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, you don't have to go to the Boot to buy one.
--> Find it on it on Amazon {and watch this quick tutorial we put together} 

Blanket Scarf
Here at the TS HQ we've been wearing blanket scarves for ions because they keep us warm in cold climates and when the temperature dips at 35,000ft.
--> Find them as well as a tutorial on how to wear the travel warm-ups in our latest Jetset Style dispatch

Donation {not shown above}
If you know someone who has everything or doesn't want things, consider making a donation in their name to an organization or cause they care about.  

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