3 JetSet Hotel Tips

jetset hotel tips

Hotels are my second home, and traveling monthly for the past six years has taught me a thing or 20 about creating the best possible stay. Next time you book a room, work these VIP tips at accommodations ranging from Airbnbs to boutique hotels to resorts. 

3 jet-set hotel tips

1. Always celebrate something 
Pick an occasion: a birthday, an anniversary, your kid's first tooth, etc. Life should be celebrated in both the magnificent and the mundane, so whatever it is, tell the concierge in advance. Remember that {most} hotels are in the business of "blessing" guests, and more often than not they will send a platter of fruit or a flute of bubbly to mark the occasion. 

Last month at the Four Seasons Resort Lanai at Manele Bay {more details on Thursday}, we told the hotel it was Baby Styler's 6-month birthday. In response, they gave him a book, a stuffed animal and a birthday card signed by the GM. On the opposite end of the luxury spectrum, when we rented a basic vacation home a few years ago in Australia, Mr. Trip Styler told the hosts it was his birthday, and they left us bottle of Prosecco.

Four Seasons Chiang Mai

2. Always request an early check-in and a late check-out
Hotels can't always accommodate early arrival or late departure requests based on their room inventory, but sometimes they canespecially in low season. I mean, who doesn't want a few more hours to hang by the pool? This is especially relevant for a trip style = weekend getaway when you want to maximize your down time. 

3. Always look the part 
If you want that potential upgrade, make sure you upgrade your outfit AND your luggage.  

[photos by @tripstyler]