On Camera: Expedia x Disney Cruise Line

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A few months ago I sailed aboard a Disney Cruise with Mr. and Baby Styler. It was a complete vacation for our little family because it combined Mickey-caliber family time with yacht-fabulous adult time.

--> How we {successfully} paired trip styled child x adult travel in one trip: photos / article / video. <--

Having worked on a cruise ship and sailed on many others, I'm really behind what Walt does at sea. So, when Expedia asked meas part of my ongoing relationship with themto host a video they were doing in partnership with Disney Cruise Line, I dashed from Vancouver to Orlando faster than you can say "Ahoy, Matey." 

Hosting one of six videos in a series about big questions people ask about cruising, such as "how to maximize the first day" or "how to stay healthy onboard," I presented the reel about "making the most of days at sea." My topic was the perfect Trip Styler fit since I LOVE sailing the ocean blue and taking advantage of all the onboard facilities {aka - the myriad of trip styles wrapped up in one ship}, in addition to the on-demand soft-serve ice cream. 

Video: How to Make the Most of Sea Days on a Disney Cruise {View this video}

Behind the Scenes Snaps

[photos via the Expedia x Disney Cruise team above: @NVRguys  @LeBrunsOnTheRun @MidlifeRoadTrip]