Cathay Pacific's Iconic YVR to JFK Nonstop Route

Cathay Pacific YVR to NYC Flight

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When I started Trip Styler, I vowed to visit New York annually to stay up on the city that never sleeps. In an effort to be intentional about this goal, I wrote it down on a paper napkin while perched at a bar in the Big Apple. Because all great ideas start on bar napkins. {Now if only I were sipping a Manhattan...}

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The Easy Commute
Part of what made {and continues to make} this dream a reality is Cathay Pacific's daily, nonstop service between Vancouver and New York. This flight is so well executed, it's a commuter flight for some travelers. I knew a man who spent his weekends in Vancouver and his weekdays working at a major magazine in NYC. And I get it. I've flown to NYC from Vancouver and Seattle in economy and business class on many airlines, and nothing compares to Cathay Pacific's service.

A Chic Approach
Since around 1996, this route has reached a near-iconic status with coast-to-coast jetsetters because of its chic approach. Let me explain: Even though flights between Canada and the US are technically international, most of them leave out the standard of service of international flights: creative cuisine, complimentary drinks, long haul-designed seats, etc. because "the extras" add too much to the highly-competitive, price-sensitive fares. 

The International Factor
This is where Cathay's Vancouver-New York route soars above other airlines' barely-there, cost-cutting service. Because Vancouver is a stopover between Hong Kong and New York, passengers step onto a long-range, wide-body Boeing 777-300ER with four classes, transcontinental service, touch-screen entertainment and flight times that make a "New York minute" last an extra day {the flight arrives in New York at 7am and departs at 10pm, meaning there's more time to take a bite out of the Big Apple}. And the price tag, hovering between CAD$600 and $650 for Economy Class advance bookings, is similar to other airlines' nonstop fares, yet with Cathay you get all the frills—and the feels.

Economy Class
Even when I'm in Economy, I consider the five-hour flight the start of my vacation. The cheapest seats offer generous service, full meals, alcoholic bevs, high-res seatback entertainment with USB charging, cradle-designed seats with a multiposition headrest and 6" recline, as well as fresh orchids in the lavatories. Basically, you still feel pampered in Economy, which is a lost art in aviation. It's also worth mentioning how polite Cathay's flight attendants are towards passengers in all classes.

Business Class
If you can spring for business class via points or dollars, do it... For the lie-flat beds extending almost seven feet. For the personal pods each with direct aisle access. For the beautiful menu. For the lounge. Oh the lounge.

Lounge Life
Cathay takes Vancouver VERY seriously—YVR was the airline's first foray into North America—and the airport has the lounge to prove it. The Hong Kong-based carrier's recently renovated lounge is by FAR the nicest address at Vancouver International Airport. {I wish it was my woodsy-chic home brimming with bubbly and signatures like Cathay's Noodle Bar and stunning bathrooms (with showers) stocked with Aesop amenities.}

I LOVE New York so much it has become a constant destination in my Trip Styling schedule. Due to the Cathay daily and direct flight, it's not only easy to reach, but getting there is effortlessly chic.

Quick Facts:
Inbound: CX888 departs Vancouver {YVR} at 10:50pm and arrives in New York {JFK} at 7am
Outbound: CX889 departs New York at 9:55pm and arrives in Vancouver at 12:45am
Flight time: 5-5.5hrs
Classes: Economy Class, Premium Economy, Business Class, First Class
Starting fare: CAD$600 {Trip Styler Tip: Search for a seat sale to reduce this price} 

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[Photos by @tripstyler (except where noted) taken while a guest of the airline. As mentioned, I've paid for this flight more times than I can count and I have a very strict editorial policy favoring trips I LOVE.]