2018 + Legit New Beginnings

Trip Styler New Beginnings 2018

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It's weird when you're a travel writer who is supposed to be sojourning, and yet, you're not. When I see other people's escapades skiing in the Alps or sunning in Sayulita, it makes me what to get on a plane ASAP. Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

In my last post, I mentioned how the end of 2017 was a touch turbulent, and so far, the New Year has served up a different kind of crazy in the lives of moi + my crew. Amid writing projects for Expedia penning a travel-meets-beauty collab with Estée Lauder; Air Transat, musing over Italy's beach clubs and traveling with little ones for their 2018 glossy; and Luxury Retreats Magazine interviewing Big Island and Maui locals, major life "stuff" was taking my attention away from my next trip. 

Early in January our beloved and well-traveled dog, Mr. Nacho King fluttered up to dog heaven. This was really tough on each member of the TS crew given he was our long-time fur-child and the kids' brother. Then, in mid-January we sold our too-small-for-a-family-of-four condo in Whistler that we once used as a retreat from our city life before we started buying Pampers in bulk. At the end of January we moved into a new home in Vancouver. Finally, after six months of waiting, we got in to see a paediatric breathing specialist to better understand and monitor the kids' respiratory challenges {more about this, here}, which I'm feeling really positive about.

And so, 2018 is quickly becoming a year of legit new beginnings. At this moment, it feels like I'm looking out of an airplane window at a new light on the horizon, and with it: new experiences, space for change, and another season of travel.

Next up: A girls spa weekend and a beach break in Punta Mita, Mexico.  

Ahhh and Olé.

PS - What's Next for TS
In 2018 my goal for TS is to get back to regular dispatches here and on TS Instagram. My intention is simply regularity because with two toddlers I've become a big fan of small but achievable objectives. Also, for the past few years I've focused so much on long-form, fact-perfect and well-penned posts, that if something wasn't 110% polished I wouldn't post at all, which made writing overwhelming and delivery infrequent. But, if travel has taught me one thing, it's that one must embrace the new and maintain an elastic-like flexibility to thrive even when things are constantly in flux.