Gifting your Air Miles this Chrismas

gifting your airmiles Christmas is a time of giving. One easy and rewarding way to give is by donating your airmiles to those in need. What only takes a few seconds, allows a worthy individual to care for others or get the care they need.

This Christmas, why not consider helping others and offloading those airmiles  you'll never use.

How it works

  • login to your airline of choice's website [or directly go to donation links below]
  • navigate to donate air miles webpage
  • give

Sample of airlines with online air miles giving

According to "American Airlines, Continental Airlines and Northwest Airlines allow earned mileage to be donated in any amount. Frontier Airlines, Midwest Airlines and United Airlines allow donations of a minimum 1,000 miles; Air Canada requires a 2,500-mile minimum and Delta Air Lines and US Airways allow donations of at least 5,000 miles."

Also don't forget that individual organizations like make-a-wish also accept miles directly.

Finally, in most cases donated airmiles are not tax deductible because they are recognized as a gift or an award.