How to Book a VERY Last-Min Tropical Getaway

hyatt grotto [trip style = sun + beach]

The notion of dropping everything and weekending somewhere sunny, hot and breezy is romantic, spontaneous and fabulous. But, it doesn't have to just be a notion. You don’t have to be a full-fledged, first-class, jet-setter to enjoy a sejour in the tropics. If you choose the right season and a destination you know well, you too can jet-set like the rest of ‘em.

Here’s how

  • a few weeks prior start to think about where you might want to go
  • week of
    • check your potential destination’s weather report
    • survey flight fares, hotel prices, car rental rates
  • day before
    • do a final check of your plane, hotel and car options, if all looks well...
    • book!
    • pack light (refer to our packing list)
  • upon arrival
    • ask the concierge to make restaurant reservations at your fave spots
    • hit the beach/pool

Helpful Hints

  • Try to focus your tropical jet-setting to low season so you can get the availability and prices you want
  • It helps if you’ve been to the destination before so you
    • know what airlines, hotels and car rental co’s are your best bets
    • know what to expect
    • know how to hit the ground running
    • know what restaurants you want to book
  • Travel with a carry-on. If you are going somewhere hot all you really need is your bathing suit, cover-up, a dress or two, toiletries, sunscreen (buy at destination), sunglasses and hat.
  • Passport, local currency or US dollars are also helpful to have on-hand.


  • Last minute travel is always expensive
  • Jet-setting is only for the uber wealthy
  • There is never availability last minute
  • Too complicated

Booking a last-minute extended weekend getaway also happens to be one of the items on my travel bucketlist and last weekend, I did it!