Gifts for Travelers 2009

gifts for travellers

Christmas is right around the corner and if you're like me, you still have a few gifts to get!  Last-minute shoppers, never fear, a gift-giving list for globetrotters is here!

Gifts for World Travelers

  • Netbook :: Smaller than a regular laptop and slightly bigger than a smartphone, these mini computers can easily fit in your purse or carry-on without taking up much space or adding weight. If you're planning on doing more typing or web searching than your fingers can handle on a smartphone, this is an excellent alternative.  Battery life has also improved since their debut 2 years ago. Approx Cost: $300 & up
  • World Travel Adapter with USB Charger :: Oh, can this ever come in handy. If you are going to buy just one item, this is it. The World Travel Adapter allows you to plug in electrical items in over 150 different countries and even has a USB charger for iPods, mobile phones and travel speakers. Approx Cost: $15 & up
  • Luggage Scale :: To avoid the embarrassment of having to open your suitcase and rearrange your undergarments in front of the entire line-up of others checking into your flight, consider a mini luggage scale.  It beats having to lift your bag on a weight scale. With so many airlines placing more and more weight (and otherwise) restrictions on travelers' luggage, this little travel gadget is one that will be useful for years to come. Approx Cost: $17 & up
  • DYI: Health Pack :: Traveling on planes, through time zones and to foreign countries can take a major toll on your body. That is why it's always good to keep a package of health-related items on-hand to prevent and treat any hint of sickness:
    • Vitamin C tablets (or Emergen-c); gum, mints or mini mouth wash to freshen breath; salt to gargle pre and post flight; cold and flu medication...just in case; Tylenol for any unexpected aches and pains; mini Evian spray to re-hydrate your skin; mini deodorant for obvious reasons; wipes or hand sanitizer.
  • Sound-Reducing Earphones :: Even if you are lucky enough to get ear buds in-flight, don't bother. These uncomfortable, cheap and made-to-be-thrown-out-after-one-use ear phones are better off left in the flight attendant carts. Noise-reducing earphones are where it's at. Approx Cost: $300 & up
  • Kindle :: Since space is a hot commodity whilst jetsetting, having 4 books and 3 magazines in your carry-on just doesn't work. Download your fave books and magazines at home or on-the-go to ONE device with 3G capabilities. Approx Cost: $300 & up
  • Flashlight :: Avoid stubbing your toe or bashing your head when you stumble to the bathroom at 4am in an unfamiliar hotel room. Whether you download the flashlight app to your iPhone, use your mobile's screen or carry a mini flashlight, having access to some form of light can help your shins from getting bruised. Approx Cost: $3 & up
  • Door Stop Alarm :: There is something to be said for being a cautious while traveling. The door stop alarm is placed under the front door, and if someone tries to enter unannounced, the alarm will go off. Approx Cost: $8 & up
  • Trackable Luggage Tag :: I've had my bags lost multiple times and have been lucky enough to get them back, but many people's bags get lost for good. One way to combat this is to get a trackable luggage tag, which features a lifetime lost bag retrieval service to help reunite you with your bag if it's found by a third party. Approx Cost: $12 & up
  • Cashmere Travel Throw :: Men and women can benefit from the fashionable and functional uses of a cashmere scarf while traveling. Use as a scarf or make-shift blanket. Approx Cost: $50 & up
  • Nail Polish Remover Pads - Rather than 'risking it' with a nail polish remover bottle in your luggage, consider pre-soaked nail polish remover pads. Don't take chances, place the pads in a zip lock. Approx Cost: $3 & up
  • Travel Gift Cards :: See more info in this post.