An In-Your-City Christmas Vaca

DC Ice Skating panorama[trip style = urban + staycation]

Even though this is a travel blog, I don't want to discount the activities one can do in their city over the Christmas Break or in the Winter. Rather than dreaming of the Turks and Caicos, a mini Vacation can be created in your own city. Often when we clear our schedule and  focus on the good times to be had locally, a travel-like escape can be just what the Doctor ordered!

Ideas: [each item below sounds much better if you add "& hot chocolate"]

  • ice skating/hockey outdoors - on a lake, river or an open-air rink in the city
  • tobogganing
  • snowshoeing
  • christmas bake-a-thon
  • shopping and eating out
  • play tourist for a day, visit sites and take pics as if you were visiting
  • spa day
  • movie and popcorn day/night
  • theater night -- seeing what's playing on the local stage
  • making a gourmet meal at home and invite friends to share it
  • throw a theme party
  • games night
  • cozy-up on the couch, drink your favourite tea or coffee and read in front of the fire
  • find a spot to have an outdoor fire and do a winter wiener and marshmallow roast
  • go on a day trip to a local town or fun spot
  • last but definitely not least: helping the homeless through a local organization or by getting some friends and family together to make sandwiches and hand them out