Give the Gift of Travel this Christmas

Avoid giving "stuff" this Christmas, and give an "experience." Stuff is sooooo out, experiences are sooooooo in. Stuff sits around; experiences cause you to get out!

Travel experiences are not often something people think of gifting, but they are easy to give as well as appreciated by sun-seekers and adventurers alike.

Here are some travel experiences you can give this Christmas: Fairmont Gift Card How it works:

  • pick up a gift card at any fairmont location
  • use it toward a stay, at any restaurant within any fairmont
  • PLUS, from today until December 20th, the Fairmont Southhampton in Bermuda is offering a $99/night sale.  I don't know about you, but if I got this gift for Christmas, it would be something I NEVER forget!

Your Airline Miles How it works:

  • login to the airline with whom you have the points you wish to gift
  • navigate [or search] transfer or giving miles
  • as an example, here's how to transfer and give away miles with Alaska Airlines.  Alaska is having a big sale for bookings between some of their fave Canadian and US destinations.
  • if you are feeling like you want to give away more miles you can also give to charities

Travel Agencies How it works:

  • contact your travel agency
  • see if they have a gift certificate option (some do, but unfortunately don't advertise it)
  • [make sure their business is stable so you won't lose your money in 6 months]
  • buy the travel gift certificate in your preferred denomination
  • example