Alaska Air to Fly from BLI to HNL

Alaska airlines to offer service to Hawaii from Bellingham[trip style = sun + beach]

Not that I need convincing to go to Hawaii, but........

Normally I don't do two posts in one day, but this news is way too exciting to wait and share!  It was just announced that Alaska Airlines will fly out of Bellingham Airport to Honolulu with service starting January 7th.

What about Allegiant? Originally I suspected that Allegiant would make this annoucement first, but Alaska's seen the light and knows that people from both Vancouver and Seattle will travel to my fave border town in search of lower fares and sunnier horizons!  I was almost certain the Bellingham airport was undertaking MAJOR renovations to the terminal and runway for Allegiant's planned service to Honolulu, but we'll have to wait and see if this low-cost carrier decides to launch their service out of Bellingham or elsewhere.

Tickets Ticket prices will be announced tomorrow. According to a Vancouver Sun article, Alaska's VP Marketing notes "I can tell you the fares will be very, very attractive. It will be among the lowest fares you can find to get from the West Coast to Hawaii. We'll have some terrific prices."