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Have Poles Will Travel Nope, we're not talking about traveling to the Sweden or Norway to walk 'till you drop, but rather packing collapsible poles in your suitcase for an efficient and effective travel workout! The term “Urban Poling” has caught on as the practice of Nordic Walking in urban centres. But walking poles aren’t confined to urban use---whether your travels take you on city streets, seawalls, or a hike through the Himalayas, a pair of poles can go with you.

The Reputation is on the Rise Nordic Walking is an activity that has been practiced in Scandinavia for years and is true to the Scandinavian reputation for commonsense and healthy living. The good news is that the trend is quickly catching on in North America and participation is on the rise. Without walking any harder or faster, people report feeling more energetic when walking with poles---not too shabby for a full-body workout that doesn’t leave you sweating profusely or short of breath.

Benefits of Urban Poling

  • Easy to pack: Collapsible, telescoping poles can conveniently be tossed into your suitcase.
  • Convenient: You need to walk every day, so why not pack your poles and add the additional benefits of upper body strengthening.
  • Easy to learn: Urban Poling is simple and suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.
  • Efficient: Nordic walking increases caloric energy expenditure by approx. 20%.
  • Core strengthening:  The selling feature for many! Poling engages your core and improves strength and posture.
  • Easier on your joints: Urban Poling reduces stress on your joints, especially your knees.
  • Readiness: Hit-up the cross-country ski season already in shape---now you're fully channelling the Scandinavian ideal!

Note: For those with mobility challenges, recovering from an injury, or dealing with a chronic condition such as arthritis, Urban Poles can provide you with the additional stability and support you need. If you fit into any of these categories it is recommended you consult with a physical or occupational therapist before commencing a poling program.

If you would like more info, assistance in ordering and purchasing, or a 1:1 consult before travelling, please contact Leah Munday at OTfit. Learn more about Nordic Walking and purchasing a pair of poles at Urban Poling.

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