Travel Beauty :: Dry Shampoo

travel beauty + dry shampoos [You could win an Alterna Dry Shampoo + extra travel-size goodies by entering our first contest during Travel Beauty Month. Enter now, you and your hair won't regret it!]

Between running through terminals to enduring long-haul flights, travel can do a number on your hair. And who wants to wash and do their tresses everyday? Not me; I'd rather relax on the beach or see the sights rather than spend time coiffing my doo---or lack thereof sometimes.

Enter my best travel friend; dry shampoo, it's the most incredible and indispensable tool that hangs out in my travel toiletries case. I never leave home without it. Just a quick dusting or spray and your hair looks as good as new---and lasts another day!

My Fave Dry Shampoos HIGH Alterna Anti-Aging Dry Shampoo Why I like it: it smells like lemons, the powder-like consistency blends well into second-day hair, it doesn't leave any residue at the roots and the precision tip is genius. It's also perfect for carry-on travel. Find it in Canada and the US for $20. *It also happens to be the fab product for this week's beauty give-away.

Cake Beauty Satin Sugar Hair & Body Refreshing Powder Why I like it: it's Canadian, small enough to bring in a carry-on and tinted in two shades for different hair types. Also, anything that doubles in the program (ie - hair and body powder) when you travel is a bonus. Find it in Canada and the US for $16.

Ojon Rub-Out Dry Cleanser To Go Why I like it: it has a travel-friendly size, gets the oiliness out, adds texture and has a fresh not-too-overwhelming scent! Find it in Canada and the US for $24.

LOW Batiste Dry Shampoo Why I like it: The spray formula smells like coconut, provides an extra burst of volume and leaves hair with a natural-looking finish. Find it in Canada and the US for $9.

Klorane Oil-Controlling Dry Shampoo with Nettle Extract Why I like it: this spray is light and doesn't leave a powdery finish. Bonus, it comes in a travel size! Find it in Canada and the US for $13.

Baby powder (yep, plain old baby powder) Why i like it: talc-free baby powder is THE wonder product when away from home. In a pinch it can be used to quickly freshen hair, deodorize shoes and refresh the bod. Works best for people with blond or light brown hair. Buy at the drugstore for under $4.