Gifts for Travelers Christmas 2010

2010 + gifts for travellers

Finding the perfect gift is challenging for anyone, but finding the perfect gift for the travel enthusiast can be even more difficult because travelers usually have their gadgets and packing methods already in place. But there's always room for change, right? In this spirit, here are a few handpicked items your favorite jetsetter might want to add to her or his travel repertoire.

Gifts for Travelers {clockwise from top}

1/ Powermat :: Charge all of your devices simultaneously with the easily packable Powermat charger. Forget about bringing multiple plug-in chargers, now all you have to bring is one. Don't forget this little device in your hotel room!

2/ Aquapac Case :: Go to the beach, pool or even in the water with your electronics. Although other people probably won't want to hear your conversations pool-side, Aquapacs are the perfect, low-profile protectors for your small, yet important belongings.

3/ Tugo Suitcase Cup Holder :: When I saw this idea I thought "of course!" Our cars and even bikes have cup holders, why can't our suitcases? Grabbing a coffee apres security has never been so fun!

4/ Portable Balloon Speaker :: I first spotted these balloon speakers in Portland and I almost purchased them on the spot. These golf ball-sized speakers are the perfect size for travel — you can even use them in your own car.

5/ Travel Slankit {aka Plane Snuggie} :: By now I'm sure you've all heard of the unfortunate famous Snuggie {a wearable fleece blanket}. I guess it was only a matter of time before a travel version cozied up to the airlines-now-charging-for-blankets market. Covering passengers from neck to toe, don't be surprised if you see your neighbor in seat 10b sporting a Travel Slankit.

6/ On-The-Go Teeth Whitening Pen :: Keep your pearly whites gleaming — even when you're jetsetting. These whitening pens are perfect for impromptu touch-ups after you've sipped cappuccinos in Milan or red wine in Napa.

7/ Quick-Dry Hair Towel :: Great for all ages, these quick-dry hair towels will get you out the door faster with their ultra-absorbent material, which makes blow drying a thing of the past.

8/ Slippers for the Plane :: Not only will these stylish slippers keep your feet toasty at 35,000 feet, but they'll also keep them clean walking down the aisles and to the bathroom. Once your trip is done, throw them in the wash and use them again! *Budget Idea :: For long-haul flights, just bring a pair of hotel slippers you have in the back of the closet.

PS. When it doubt, an iTunes gift card is always a good idea for the purchase of travel apps. And don't forget last year's traveler gift guide with ideas like a hotel room door-stop alarm, trackable luggage tag, mini luggage scale and more.