Healthy on the Road :: Forethought & Discipline

Frequent travels can wreak havoc on health due to a) loss of sleep b) loss of time [to eat healthy or exercise] b) fewer healthy eating options c) lack of exercise facilities d) less space to pack work-out gear

This is a subject I'm particularly passionate about because our health shouldn't suffer at the expense of our business or pleasure travel. Yes, it's easy to pack runners and work out gear on a week-long trip to Hawaii because it's safe to run, most hotels have gyms and there are plenty of heathy eating options. Same goes for a cruise. But what about when you're on a multi-leg business trip in Asia or traveling through South America?

Forethought and Discipline
Complicated and not-so-complicated trips make it tricky to maintain a healthy way of life, however, two important steps in keeping healthy on the road are forethought and discipline.

- Does your hotel have a gym? If not, does it have a safe walking/running route nearby?
- Does your hotel have a program like Fairmont Fit, whereby the hotel provides workout gear to President's Club Members?
- Pre-plan time in your schedule to exercise
- Do you like the food in the region you're visiting? If not, does your hotel have a restaurant on site (or nearby) serving a more globally-inspired menu?

- Don't partake in the wine, coke, tea/coffee offered on the plane, it will just dehydrate you 
- Think twice before grabbing a morning coffee with a baked good; opt for a protein-filled breakfast instead 
- Go for the 90/10 rule -- 90% eat well, 10% indulge
- You've pre-planned when you can likely exercise, now do it 
- Be intentional about sleep -- avoid late-night bar chats and hang out with your pillow instead. 

- Now we all have less of an excuse not to exercise while on the road, this television programming company has teamed up with ExerciseTV to provide free workout videos in hotel rooms at Hyatt, Marriott, Fairmont, InterContinental, Hilton, Loews, Omni, Radisson, Crowne Plaza, DoubleTree and other hotels throughout the US.

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