Travel TV :: Amazing Race Season 16

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I can't believe the Amazing Race is in Season 16.  Looking back, it's hard to believe season 1 premiered a week before the Sept 11th Terrorist Attacks.  Timing was not on its side.  Due to multiple circumstances, season 1 ratings lacked, but CBS made the right call bringing the show back for a second season.  Luckily, it struck a chord and gained loyal viewers who a) brought the show to season 16, and b) put it in the ranks of CBS' top-rated shows.

Other than Departures, the Amazing Race is my fave travel show.  Sometimes I can't handle the drama between characters--remember "Lake, like the Ocean"--but understand that it's a necessary evil of primetime, 'reality.'

Additional Ways to Connect with The Amazing Race Now TV isn't the only way you can connect with the show, they are on twitter @AmazingRace_CBS, on Facebook and online featuring additional content like: The Elimination Station. When teams lose a leg of the race, they are flown to a destination (this season it's Puerto Vallarta, Mexico) where they live in community until the race completes. With the emotions, interactions and disappointments that come out at the Elimination Station, this online segment could be a reality show all to itself.