Hello BC :: 2010 Olympics 12 Days Away

An invitation to come visit BC for the Olympics and beyond. Featuring British Columbians Michael J. Fox, Ryan Reynolds, Erick McCormack, Kim Cattrall, Steve Nash and Sarah McLachlan.

The Vancouver 2010 Olympics are only 12 days away, and I couldn't' be more excited.  Whether you're watching on TV or in person, the rush of cheering for your home country as the athletes walk into the Opening Ceremonies is a joyful and unifying experience.

Here's why I'm excited for the upcoming 2010 Olympics

  • it is being held in Vancouver, Canada--my home city
  • this is likely the only time I will ever get to experience the olympics in my home city, so I got a few tickets to cheer Canada on
  • there are so many  free, large-scale events happening all over the city
  • vancouver is morphing from the 3rd largest city in Canada to likes of a highly decorated european metropolis

Stay tuned for more Olympic Updates in future posts.  I will try to post Opening Ceremony Pics to this blog and twitter (@tripstyler) as well as additional updates throughout.

Amazing Time-Lapsed HD View of Vancouver