Montreal Je T'aime

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As part of my get-to-know-Canada-better trip, conquering Montreal was my most recent feat. I use the word conquering because I was there during the recent (and ongoing) Eastern Seaboard heat wave. Even though the heat was intense, I pressed on.  Only being in Montreal for two days, I couldn’t let the sauna-like conditions stop me, after all, how can a Vancouver girl complain about sunny, hot weather? She can't and won't.  Despite the heat, we walked and biked to all the sights we wanted to see...with lots of water on-hand.

Love Bixi bikes and the bike-friendly nature of the city. For a great bixi smartphone app, download Bixou Lite. bixi bikes montreal

Iconic Bagels fairmount bagels {Montreal's bagel scene is famous, so I biked to Fairmount Bagels---the city's original bagelry---to eat a $0.70 breakfast. Unfortunately, there was nowhere to enjoy our bagels since the store is literally as small as it looks.}

Restaurant scene holts cafe {Holt Renfrew Cafe. Apres bixi'ing around the city, I retreated to the air conditioned bliss of the Holts Cafe. Unfortunately, I was a tad bit sweaty and everyone else eating designer lunches just-so-happened to be decked-out in Prada, Halston and LV. Either way, I had the best open-faced sandwich I've ever eaten in my life: poilane bread, topped with thinly-sliced tandoori chicken, cauliflower, broccoli and drizzled with tzatziki-like sauce.}

la pois penche montreal {It was love at first sight when I sauntered past Le Pois Penche one afternoon. I knew I had to come back for dinner. The outdoor dining scene was anchored by cute bistro tables, complemented by Louis Ghost chairs. Thankfully, the food matched the lovely decor. Our french dining experience seemed all the more meant to be when we learned our server was from Monaco!}

le pois penche outside {This pic was taken at about 10pm. When we checked the temperature at that time, it noted 26 degrees, ‘feels like 32.’}

Museum Scene montreal museum of fine arts {A quick stop at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts to view the free mid-century modern furniture exhibition.}

Vieux Montreal vieux montreal

St. Laurent surfers st laurent surfers

st laurent surfing

Habitat 67 {an iconic housing development built for Expo '67} habitat 67 montreal

habitat 67

Cathedral Marie-Reine-Du-Monde beside our hotel fairmont queen elizabeth and cathedral

cathedral marie reine du mond detail {Cool design inside of the Cathedral}

fairmont montreal lobby {Inside the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth lobby. See my review of the hotel here.}