Travel Trend :: Visual Flight Search

kayak explore Need visual inspiration for your next trip?  Want to browse flights leaving from your home airport within a specific price-range? The geniuses at Kayak have done it again. I already love and use their meta travel search engine, and recently they've come out with a new feature called Kayak Explore that visual learners will l-o-v-e.

Using Kayak's travel search technology superimposed on google maps, means finding a flight to your next destination just got easier. But it's the travel web application's suggestive nature that I love.  It's like a web-based version of going to the airport with no destination in mind and asking a check-in agent to show you options for the next flight out.

How it Works kayak explore web feature The level of customization offered in Kayak Explore is nuts (see a full list below). When you enter your preferences, Kayak advises what areas match your request. One nice feature I call show me the money intuitively indicates how far you can fly from your home airport based on your budget preference.  It helps to keep the budget in-check.

Customizations The level of granularity offered in Kayak's Explore is impressive. I suggest starting your visual flight search with fewer customizations, then narrowing your search from there. If you try to over-customize at the get-go, you may find the results too specific. The available customizations are: - Home airport - Budget range - Where you want to fly - When you want to fly - Activities of interest - Temperature range - Preferred language spoken - Flight duration and stops

Kayak Explore is already a game-changer, but it could be even more amazing if search parameters like vacations and cruises could be added.  We'll wait and see!