Oh Canada!

canada tops future brand country brand index 2010We already know living above North America's 49th parallel is fantastic, but it appears others agree.

According to the global brand consulting firm, Future Brand's Country Brand Index (released November 5th, full release Nov. 15th), Canada ranks number 1, up from number 2 last year. Winning the enviable spot as the world’s top country brand is no small feat competing against the dollars and power of 100 other tourism-focused countries.

This ranking, thanks in part to the success of the 2010 Olympic Games as well as Canada's tourism, quality of life and strong value system, was generated by querying just under 3500 business and leisure travelers on five continents, and 'expert' focus groups on their image associations of various countries. The list's 2010 top 10 are: 1. Canada, 2. Australia, 3. New Zealand, 4. United States, 5. Switzerland, 6. Japan, 7. France, 8. Finland, 9. United Kingdom and 10. Sweden.

PS - Forget the mile high club, please tell me you've seen this crazy transformation occurring in the potty of an Air Canada flight from Hong Kong to Vancouver, where an "85'ish' year old man" went in and a 20-something guy came out. Maybe he wants 'in' to Hollywood North's make-up scene?

[photo: my own]