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travel yoga reviewFinding your zen while traveling just got a whole lot easier. This list of travel stretches for planes, trains and automobiles can be done discreetly while in aisle 3, seat 4, or in the comfort of your hotel room. No need to worry about doing downward dogs in the middle of the airport... All tied to a specific travel challenge, the 50+ yoga stretches help to ease the rigors of trip-ing abroad. For example, for terminal tranquility do the flight-got-bumped rag doll stretch, or the sitting-in-a-plane-seat crossed leg twist.

I don't normally like to pay for travel apps, but the stretching reminders and associated mental and physical benefits this app affords are worth it (to me) at $0.99.


  • Free
  • Available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
  • Although this specific app isn't available for Blackberry, here's a similar one: Travel Yoga
  • Choose from multiple stretches to find the right combination for your body's needs

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