Sassy Flight Safety Videos

Air New Zealand Safety Videos - streaking grandma Bet you didn't think sassy and flight safety videos went together!  Well, if you're Air New Zealand, they do!  The below videos are laugh-out-loud funny and a welcome departure from boring pre-flight safety announcements.

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An Ode to Air New Zealand Some background: although I've never flown Air New Zealand, I'm obsessed and impressed with their branding. Having started my career in Advertising, my inner marketer is always pleasantly surprised, entertained and convinced by all of their campaigns---and I just might fly with them when I go to Australia this fall/winter.

Back on Task For good reason, there's a lot of seriousness around pre-flight announcements and airline safety.  Incidentally, I pay greater attention and retain more info from these fun videos, than I do the run-of-the-mill airline safety videos---and it's not just because there's body paint and a streaking grandma, although that does help. Even though I've seen these videos many times, as I re-watch them for this post, I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.  Enjoy.

The Bare Essentials Body-painted flight attendants and a pilot talk airline safety for the in-flight video.

Crazy About Rugby New Zealand's famous All Blacks Rugby Team (and a streaking grandma) assist Air New Zealand's flight attendants and pilots with their newest safety video.

Trip Styler Tip ~ Spooning There's a new way to ride in Economy! Did you know you could spoon on an Air New Zealand's Skycouch? Their economy seats have an extra fold-out, so two people can lie down over 3 seats. It's true. See the pic below and the viral video they released to introduce the idea, which is of course, funny. air new zealand spooning


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