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travel trends bags, cases and kits You probably don't even know you need---okay want---these little travel helpers, but these smart looking and intelligent cases, kits and bags will make you wonder how you lived without them!

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Cases, Kits & Bags Little Medic Kit The Little Medic Kit is big enough to help with booboos and small enough to fit in your suitcase. This 32-piece travel first aid kit measures just under 4" high/wide and just under 2" thick, and includes assorted size band-aids, sterile pads, tape and antiseptic wipes. Find it online for $10.

Everywhere Global Bag I can't count the amount of times I've gone somewhere and come home with an extra bag, the collection under my bed is getting ridiculous! That's why I love the Everywhere Bag because it starts mini and ends big. Just throw the folded and zipped pouch in your suitcase. If you over-shop, no worries, it expands into a 24" X 15.25" X 8" zipped bag that can be gate-checked! Find it online for $42.

Zip Case This clear, waterproof, vinyl case is meant to replace the easily tearing zip-lock bags you use when stowing your toiletries in your carry-on. This durable bag will also save you---and the environment---from buying stock in zip-locks (SC Johnson). Find it online for $8.

Wet Suit Bag This is not a bag for the wetsuit you wore surfing, but rather  a mini, specially treated, anti-mildew pouch for your wet bathing suit. Perfect for when you just can't say goodbye to 'Aruba' and have to take one more ocean dip before flying home. We've all been there. Find it online for $18.

Wine Skin I covered wine transport options like this a few months ago while doing a Travel and Wine Transport post, but this wine skin is cheaper and more compact!  Win, win. These bubble wrap-enforced plastic skins with sticky seals are only meant for one-time use, but unless you've got an overly aggressive baggage handler, I think you can get away with multi-use!  Find it online for $9.85, two per package.

*all prices quoted in USD.

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