Shows that Make you Want to GO

fall tv shows + travelIt's that time of year. Fall TV frenzy has set in. What shows do we keep, drop and adopt? So far, no dropping has happened on my end, simply adopting. Thank goodness for PVRs, DVRs & TiVos! Every time I watch these 5 new and existing shows, I wish my couch was the first class cabin on a plane, and I was being whisked away to one of these great destinations. What shows inspire you to see a destination?

Honolulu Hawaii Five-0, Mondays, CBS [Show Style = Drama] I'm not sure if I'm sold on the new Hawaii Five-0 yet, but I'm sold on the destination. Thanks a lot, Hawaii Five-0, for taunting me with your sprawling beaches, golden sun and aqua waters. Sheesh. After a few trips to Waikiki in years gone by, next time I hit up Oahu, I look forward to exploring a calmer side of the island.

World The Amazing Race, Sundays, CBS [Show Style = Travel Reality] What would a post about TV show-inspired travel be without a mention of the The Amazing Race? With the newest season debuting last night, my already overflowing travel bucket list is going to be bursting at the seams!

Australia The Block, Wednesdays, Nine MSN [Show Style = Home Renovation Reality] Probably my favourite show of all time, The Block follows 4 groups of aspiring renovators as they transform a dilapidated condo block into a finished, sellable product in 8 weeks. Set in Australia, this show only confirmed I must visit this gorgeous and diverse island! I started watching this home reno show 6 years ago when it aired on HGTV Canada. After a 5-year hiatus, it's back and it's airing right now in Australia!

Miami Burn Notice, Thursdays, USA Network [new episodes premiere in November] [Show Style = Spy Drama + Comedy] After a few blissful days spent in Miami 4 years ago, watching Burn Notice (one of my fave shows on the tele) makes me want to book a trip to sassy South Beach. Fighting crime with Micheal, Fiona and Sam, relaxing on the beach and staying at the Delano would be perfect!

Los Angeles Entourage, Sundays, HBO [final season premieres Summer 2011] [Show Style = Drama] Although season 7 was a little on the dark/serious side of sitcoms, the Entourage boys always leave me laughing. They also have a way of showcasing LA's hotspots. My love for LA was recently re-invigorated when I talked shop with the LA Tourism Board's VP Media & Communications. Beyond the sunny climate, amazing restaurants and shopping galore, I heard Cirque de Soleil is getting ready to open a show at the Kodak Theatre in summer 2011.  See you there!