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updated kayak app with first classThe Kayak app is where it's at. Although I downloaded this app awhile ago, they've recently made some significant enhancements that make it a virtual buffet of travel tools, and in my humble opinion, one of the most valuable travel apps currently available. Features Featuring most of the options they offer online and then some, this full-featured app combines the ability to: - book flights, hotels and cars - view and organize your trip itinerary - get gate and airport info (due to integration with GateGuru) - track your flight status - look up baggage fees - plan what you'll bring with packing lists - send an email or text to someone who is picking you up with your exact location on a map

First Class As of last week, the most recent update to the app included the ability to search and book business and first class flights. This enhancement is significant because until now, Kayak had a separate app for this purpose called Kayak First Class, which used to cost upwards of $3.99.

Kayak App Details - free - works with iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Blackberry and Android

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