A Summer Weekend Packing List

summer beach cabin weekend packing list[trip style = weekend + packing light]

It's beach and cabin season!  When the clock strikes five on Friday, will you be ready to pack light and pack right for your flight or car journey out yonder?  With the summer weekend packing list tips and tricks below, you'll become an expert - and fashionable - escape artist.

Reformed Overpacker In my prior life - ok, 2 years ago - I still was a ridiculous overpacker, but last year I took the packing-light plunge on a 6-day trip to San Fran and Napa, and I've never looked back.  In fact, I'm so keen to pare down that I'm attempting to only bring a carry-on for my two-week Eastern Canada trip next month, as well as my four-week Australia jaunt this fall! Back to packing light...let's master it for a summer weekend away, with the help of Lucky Magazine.

Lucky Magazine's Summer Weekend Packing List

Summer Weekend Packing List [not including what you wear enroute]

  • Plane-to-Pool Bag: use the same bag for packing & beach/lake tote
  • Undergarments
  • 1-2 Bathing Suits [check out this season's hottest bathers & accessories on HeatherLovesIt]
  • Shoes
    • flip flops
    • cute sandals
  • Bottoms
    • shorts
    • pants or a skirt
  • Tops
    • tank top
    • t-shirt
    • flowy top
    • sweater-y shirt or cardy
  • Dresses
    • day-to-night dress
    • dressier dress
  • Accessories
    • belt
    • scarf
    • hat

*for a men's packing list, just eliminate the dresses - or substitute them with kilts :)

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[photo by the tahoe guy]