Travel iPhone Apps :: 2010 Guide

This installment of Travel iPhone Apps is a special edition given the 2010 Winter Olympics are only 4 days away!   Since many people will travel to Vancouver in person or vicariously through their TVs, 3 billion viewers are expected to watch the 2010 Olympics.  With this in mind, I thought the 2010Guide would be a worthwhile and timely app to feature! Released just days before the games begin Feb. 12, the 2010Guide iPhone app is more than just an "official spectator guide", rather a multi-faceted tool everyone from anywhere can use.  I have downloaded the app and it's bound to be my go-to, hand-held Olympic info hub.

2010Guide App Details

  • free
  • real-time results for sporting events
  • location-aware schedule + list for more than 2000 sport and cultural events with filtering
  • list of all cultural Olympiad events with option to purchase tix
  • maps to over 80 venues + how to get there
  • updated throughout the game
  • adapts to your timezone
  • schedule works without data connection
  • Olympic News
  • medal counts
  • photos and videos
  • twitter streams

HINT - if you follow @2010tweets on Twitter you can get info about last-min tix releases for those oh-so-alluring events like gold medal!

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