Travel Pet Peeves

I'm a glass half-full kinda gal who always makes do when I travel, irrespective of my 1-5 star accommodation du moment.  Yet, here are a few things I wish the travel industry would pay more attention to AND the hotels or airlines that exceeded my expectations:

  • Beds that feel like plywood.
    • Best hotel bed = Balboa Bay Club & Resort
  • No conditioner/Bad conditioner.
    • Best hotel conditioner = Wailea Marriott
  • Weak hair dryers.
    • Best hotel hair dryer =  Anywhere that doesn't have a dinky wall-mount unit or one with air vents on either side vs the back
  • Watered-down lotion/Shower gel.
    • Best hotel lotion/Shower gel = Neutrogena lotion & shower gel at the Doubletree SeaTac
  • Tile floors (and then the hotel provides no slippers???).
    • Best Slippers = Oceania Cruises
  • Small cups at all-inclusives.
    • Best cups = Yet to find good, tall cups
  • Airlines who don't recycle (no the papers and plastic cups don't go in the same bag - ahhhhhhh).
    • Airlines who do recycle = Continental
  • Resorts with no day facilities to change in when departing after 11am
    • Best day facilities = Sandals WhiteHouse
  • No Free Wi-Fi in the year 2010
    • Best free wi-fi = Most hilton brands have free wi-fi in the lobby, Fairmont gives it to anyone who becomes a member of their loyalty program
  • Airport Hotels without Airport Shuttles
    • Best Airport Shuttles = ...the ones that have shuttles
  • Weighted mini bars (not because I want a Snickers Bar, but so I can put cheese or apples I buy in the fridge)
    • Best hotel fridges = ...the ones that have fridges like the 3Palms Scottsdale

What are your Travel Pet Peeves & best-in-category?