Travel iPhone Apps :: Medical Concierge

medical iphone app Ever needed medical care when traveling?  This is a travel App every parent, brother or sister would want their family member to have on their iPhone/iTouch while exploring the world.   mPassport helps people find reliable medical care when far from home. Touted as a "personal medical concierge" mPassport lets you review doctors, dentists, hospitals and pharmacies, consult a map then request an appointment.

So far, this Travel Medial Assistance app is only available for London and Paris, but a roll-out of additional cities is in the works. Don't fret my pet, if you are traveling somewhere other than London or Paris, no problem.  Use mPassport's mobile or non-mobile site to access to same info.  The cost ranges from $9.95 for 30-days, to $49.95 for a 1-year subscription.

mPassport Travel App Details

  • $0.99 for Paris |  Free for London (as of today)
  • Search, map and choose among carefully selected doctors, dentists, hospitals and pharmacies
  • Schedule an appointment...on short notice
  • Find equivalent medication brand names and translate important medical terms and phrases
  • Downloads to your phone  (internet connect not required)
  • Optional Google maps connection for directions from your current location or pre-loaded landmarks

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