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Each of these luxury travel trappings is practical, and surprisingly, some are even affordable. Jet set in style with everything from a suitcase scooter to a monogramed iPad case...

Luxury Travel Gear Suitcase Scooter Some might argue this scooting suitcase is over the top, others may think it's the perfect remedy for walkingscooting through lengthy airport corridors after a 14-hour flight, either way, it's on the market (but having trouble keeping up with demand). You can thank Samsonite for this suitcase-come-scooter with integrated running board, handlebars and wheels.

Leather Travel Kit Although this toiletries case is a little Clint Eastwood-y, it's one of nicest rugged-meets-luxury cases I've ever seen. Adding to the whole Western appeal, it's hand-made in Wisconsin by Kenton Sorenson Leather.

Woodsy Headphones These noise-canceling headphones take it to the next level. You'll be the talk of the cabin in first class---forgive me, but I'm assuming that if you're rocking these almost $3,000 musical earmuffs, you're not sitting in economy. Don't worry, the price is worth it with Ethiopian sheepskin leather ear cup pads, bullet-proof cables and a bunch of other impressive features. 007 might be a bit jealous.

Fancy iPad Case No luxury travel gear post would be complete without mentioning something Louis Vuitton-related. Although I'd rather a vintage LV trunk, these high-end leather graphite canvas cases will ensure that even your iPad will be decked-out in LV's monograms.

See you in first class.