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Fash-Packing :: Suitcase Style

eo travel collection[trip style = any]

Sometimes you find a trusty travel companion that "moves like Jagger." I give you the EO Travel Collection by Incase.

Right before I left for Dubai in December, I was gifted this techie-stylish suitcase set I'd been eyeing to test on the road. Based on my research, I was 99% sure I was going to love it---and you would too---but I had to use it {on multiple flight segments from the West Coast to the Middle East} to believe it.

eo travel collection

After transporting the luggage set between YVR, SEA, DXB, PSP and LAX, I'm all in, and give it Trip Styler approval. Why? See the details below, but the long and short of it is the bags are at once functional and stylish, speaking to the tech-savvy traveler---perhaps a computer programmer by day and a fashion blogger by night? Note, there are VERY FEW suitcases that turn my propeller, so here's why the EO Travel Collection is sending me to cloud nine:

Fashion The set's coal-black palette is sleek, while the splashes of neon green amp the carry-ons' X-factor without being showy. My fave bag is the hardshell roller {20.7" × 13.8" × 8.7", from $299.95} integrating a hint of black patent {technically it's a durable polycarbonate masquerading as patent}; think business meets pleasure. Transcending the humdrum carry-on, the EO travel rollers take an understated approach to differentiating themselves and maintain my theory that darker-hued carry-ons are much less apt to be weighed and measured by airline employees because they stand out less than a bright red rolley.

Function The usability of the rolling carry-ons, specifically the hardshell, takes me higher. The features I like are: a/ the faux fur-lined tech pocket for a laptop and iPad {with slips for cameras and cords} that zips open flat on the security belt so you don't have to remove all your digi-paraphernalia (!). b/ the internal compartments. For those who crave organization, the interior has multiple layers and compartments so everything has a place, like a closet. c/ the expandability---to the tune of 35%. In my opinion, if you're going to be a carry-on traveler {with a tendency toward shopping, like moi}, having expandability is a MUST. In fact, I'd never travel with a carry-on without room to grow.

Video {Can't see the video? Click here.}

PS - most of the carry-on suitcases in the set say they are suited for three days of travel. I beg to differ. If your trip style is singular {vs a combo}, and you're carry-on obsessed like me, you can use these bags for up to two weeks {see How To Fit 50 Garments Into One Carry-On}. 

[For fashion and function I LOVE the hardshell roller, just take good care of the front end's polycarbonate finish, as it can get ever so slightly scuffed after multiple uses---baby it like you would your black patent shoes and you'll be fine. If you want something that can stand up to multiple bumps and bruises over a five-year period, and maintain its brand new look, consider the roller with a triple-coated weather-resistant front panel.]

[photos by @goincase and @tripstyler]

Crush :: Clare Vivier Carryalls

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We love Clare Vivier handbags at Trip Styler HQ. I've toted one of her Italian leather bags around the world with me for the past two years, and multiple countries and climates later, it's still taught, structured and fabulous. {...And capable of fitting a water bottle, my MacBook Air, iPhone, pashmina, documents, magazines and a pair of flats into its seemingly exponential space!}

The LA-based purse designer's casual and cultured cases, clutches and carryalls go beyond the typical black and brown leather staples, and invite women {and men} into a kaleidoscope of color year-round with bold hues like melon, charcoal navy and lava pebble.

Her colors are cool and designs dapper, but it's the functionality we adore too. Working in French television, Vivier noticed a lack of functional yet stylish laptop cases, so she took matters into her own hands, and a few years later her bags are worn by Fancophiles and Cali gals from coast to coast. And herein lies our love for the brand, so many of her bags perform double-duty---aka a laptop case doubling as a clutch---an e-s-s-e-n-t-i-a-l for travel fashion.

Our Fave Double-Duty Bags 1/ flat clutch, 11.5" x 7, $143 2/ foldover clutch, 11.5 x 11.5", $156 3/ oversized clutch, 17" x 11.5", $191 4/ grand pochette, 5.75" x 9", $173 *Use each to store a netbook, iPad or laptop by day, and as a clutch by night.

Find Clare Vivier handbags online, at the Vivier and Bentley Store in Silver Lake, CA {a stand-alone store opening up later this month} or in Canada at Holt Renfrew.

[photos sourced online via claire vivier]

Crushing On :: ZEbag Wine Carrier

[trip style = wine tasting]

I have a crush {pun intended} on the ZEbag Wine Carrier. A stylish, organized and French companion for your next wander into wine country. With spring's warmer weather and rows of rolling, emerald-green vines awaiting; the hills are alive with grapes, and we COULD NOT be more excited.

The ZEbag carrier starts as a stylish, hexagonal tote and opens as a flat, on-the-go wine rack with six triangular pockets---cubbies really---for your latest pinot and chardonnay purchase. Use the handle to hold your trip style = wine tasting arm candy, or hang it in your hotel room {or home} after a long day of sipping. Bonus, in addition to its good looks, it has brains too holding 11 bottles when flat and storing wine on its ever-important side to keep the cork from drying.

{Trip Styler Tip :: If it's a hot day, don't leave wine in the trunk of your vehicle or tasting charter. You don't want a bursting bottle or red wine reduction.}

Made in four colors {black, red, khaki and grey} with a durable, lightweight fabric, the only conundrum will be how many to buy. One just isn't going to cut it; a visit to wine country usually yeilds more than six bottles. Find the ZEbag on Amazon for about $50.

PS - Don't dig the grape? The ZEbag also carries spirits---perfect for my grandpa's 'traveling bar.'

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Travel Trappings :: Cruising

cruising essentials[trip style = cruising]

Whether you're going on an intimate voyage to small isles or jumping on board a behemoth ship like Norwegian's Epic or Royal Caribbean's almost-launched Allure of the Seas, here are a few cruising essentials you may not have considered, aside from the regular suspects like hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc....

Cruising Essentials Hydrate Cruising the Caribbean can get hot and balmy, so regular hydration is your friend. Since the water from the tap in your cabin is gross, bring a reusable water bottle to stock up on the filtered water elsewhere on the ship. {Cost: $19.72}

Walk and Talk Although Royal Caribbean has developed an iphone app allowing families to communicate while on board, a pair of walkie-talkies will do the trick as well. {Cost: $19.99}

Cup o Joe Sometimes you want to bring your coffee to-go. Forget using multiple paper mugs from the ship's cafe, now you can bring your joe anywhere on board or off the ship responsibly, and keep it steamy at the same time. {Cost: $11}

Stylish Warmth This lightweight shawl will keep you warm when wind is blowing, or night temperatures drop, so you can enjoy a starry, romantic stroll along the top deck. {Cost: $295}

Bring It Use this perfectly sized, collapsable tote as a carry-on, pool bag, beach bag or carry-all while on your ocean voyage. And do it stylishly. {Cost: $198}

The Multitasker When you first arrive on board, it can take from 20 mins to 2 hours to get your luggage, and who wants to wait around for that? Assuming your bathing suit is packed in your tote, wear this oversized top on to the ship with leggings, slip on your suit and wear it again as a cover-up. Sailor stripes are a bonus. {Cost: $176}

PS - Zip loc bags can come in very handy while cruising. Among their uses, bring only necessary cash or credit cards with you into port, and if you don't want to leave your valuables on the beach, remove the air and stuff the bag and its contents into 'a secure' place in your bathing suit....

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Travel Trappings :: Lux Travel

luxury travel gear[trip style = luxury]

Each of these luxury travel trappings is practical, and surprisingly, some are even affordable. Jet set in style with everything from a suitcase scooter to a monogramed iPad case...

Luxury Travel Gear Suitcase Scooter Some might argue this scooting suitcase is over the top, others may think it's the perfect remedy for walkingscooting through lengthy airport corridors after a 14-hour flight, either way, it's on the market (but having trouble keeping up with demand). You can thank Samsonite for this suitcase-come-scooter with integrated running board, handlebars and wheels.

Leather Travel Kit Although this toiletries case is a little Clint Eastwood-y, it's one of nicest rugged-meets-luxury cases I've ever seen. Adding to the whole Western appeal, it's hand-made in Wisconsin by Kenton Sorenson Leather.

Woodsy Headphones These noise-canceling headphones take it to the next level. You'll be the talk of the cabin in first class---forgive me, but I'm assuming that if you're rocking these almost $3,000 musical earmuffs, you're not sitting in economy. Don't worry, the price is worth it with Ethiopian sheepskin leather ear cup pads, bullet-proof cables and a bunch of other impressive features. 007 might be a bit jealous.

Fancy iPad Case No luxury travel gear post would be complete without mentioning something Louis Vuitton-related. Although I'd rather a vintage LV trunk, these high-end leather graphite canvas cases will ensure that even your iPad will be decked-out in LV's monograms.

See you in first class.