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travel beauty monthIf at all possible, packing fewer, smaller items simplifies travel. I'm not suggesting you jet-off avec the clothes on your back and a bikini/speedo in your pocket---although that does sound great---but packing fewer and more thoughtful double-use items saves time and money in baggage fees while you vagabond.

Thankfully, beauty companies have responded to the packing lighter trend minifying their essentials so they can be easily slipped into a ziplock bag for a swift and non-confrontational encounter with airport security. <relief> For our second Travel Beauty Month post, we're featuring beauty minis.

Beauty Minis Skin Skoah's Holiday Travel Kit provides everything you need for glowing skin (kleanser, tonik, face skrub, face kream and face mask), and you'll love its cucumber-infused scent. Just toss the items into your clear ziplock and you're good to glow---I mean go.

Fragrance Unless you've got an ultra mini perfume tube that you're sure won't leak, I suggest going with two practical travel options: a) a roll-on perfume, like this one from DKNY (bonus, it comes with two scents!) b) a solid fragrance, like this natural gardenia-scented one from Pacifica

Make-up Don't let travel win over your face. Drinking water can only do so much. That's where Benefit's travel-friendly Realness of Concealness kit comes in, packed with their bestsellers to enhance, plump, brighten and erase the effects of travel.

Hair Say goodbye to watered-down versions of hotel shampoo & conditioner-induced bad hair days, and bring along Alterna's travels-sized Caviar minis instead. PS - this product was our first Travel Beauty giveaway and we just noticed it was mentioned on Sephora's Am to Pm Beauty email yesterday!  Our lucky winner got a hot product.

Mini Beauty Resources Love mini toiletries? You'll never have to worry about your beauty products being too large for the plane, but rather which ones to choose! Check out this online boutique carrying luxury name-brand beauty & grooming products all 3 fl oz or less.

Sephora My fave destination for everything beauty has an entire section devoted to plane-friendly travel called Beauty Minis.

Your local Drugstore Stock up on your mini travel essentials like toothpaste, etc...

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