A Jetset Halloween

Halloween weekend is upon us. In celebration of last year's big news about the Chilean miner rescue, one of 2010's most popular, DIY halloween costumes was none other than the Chilean miner---Oakley sunglasses and all. This fall, with primetime's Pan Am taking off {in more ways than one}, I suspect there'll be a lot of 6os-inspired captains and stewardesses strutting down the concourse and into a party near you.

Last year we started the tradition of posting travel-inspired halloween costumes. It went over so well, here are this year's picks for kids of all ages:

Pan Am Glam

An Amazing Race Team {fave teams!}

Venetian Taxi{boat} Driver {Venetian taxi drivers seem to have a classically cool uniform: aviators, dark fitted jeans, brown loafers or sport shoes, white polo shirt, blue crewneck sweater, St. Tropez tan....}

Crocodile Dundee

[collages by @tripstyler of photos sourced online]