A Royal Honeymoon Hideaway

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Yesterday morning when I read initial, what almost seemed like leaked reports about Kate and Will's honeymoon I was disappointed. I know they are the hottest Royals since Shy Di, meaning cameras and opinions follow them e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e, but after sharing their wedding with an estimated audience of 2 billion, couldn't people just give them a break? Just for a few days?

Initial Reports Yesterday morning, reports indicated someone from tourism Seychelles {an Indian Ocean archipelago off the east coast of Africa and a destination on my travel bucket list}, confirmed The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were indeed returning to the destination, albeit not likely to the same resort, where they vacationed post break-up in 2007. At this point, I can't tell if the initial info leak was a big no no {and someone's gonna get it}, or if it was all part of the plan. Either way, now that the cat is out of the bag, will a bazillion paparazzi storm each of 115 islands in the Seychelles in search of the pair? I hope not, though I suspect US weekly and OK Magazine will post honeymoon bathing suit shots, like, asap!

Why If I'm so keen on the couple having a media break, why am I writing about it? Since the story's out, and is timely and relevant to aspiring jetsetters, I felt I could talk about it. After all, I'm sure we all want to know what constitues trip style = royal!

Trip Style = Royal Where does a Prince and Princess honeymoon? Prior to the wedding of the century, speculations swirled about destinations such as Kenya {where Will proposed}, Necker Island {Sir Richard Branson's vacation home island}, Jordan, the Caribbean and Lizard Island in Australia {a place we almost stayed, though I think they would have been more secluded here}.

At the time of writing, no one knows exactly where they are honeymooning, but here's what Canada.com reports: "the couple are said to have chosen an exclusive private island {in the Seychelles}, with only a handful of secluded 4,000-a-night villas. Described as a "Robinson Crusoe" island, each villa has its own personal chef and butler." USA Today thinks this masked island might be Fregate, a private, eco-minded retreat 4-degrees south of the equator with only 17 villas.

A Prediction Over the next few weeks, the Seychelles will suddenly reappear on every travel editor's hot and must-go destination list. There will be ''royal" vacation packages, t-shirts and an endangered animal will likely be named after one of them. Would you splurge on an uber-luxe royal-esque retreat in the Seychelles?

[photo by Fregate Island of Fregate Island Villa, Seychelles}