Travel App Tuesday :: Hail A Taxi

travel apps :: taxi apps[trip style = urban] Today we're talking taxis. An app-tastic way to hail them.

{Taxis are on my mind because I'm headed to the Big Apple tonight. Though it's not my practice to hopscotch across time zones {Australia->Vancouver->New York} within a 3-day period, the hubs was going, we were able to get Nacho King {our dog} a sitter and secured Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tickets, so how could I say no?}

What if there was an easier way to hail a taxi, by just tip-tapping an app?

Now there is. Here are some options for Vancouver, elsewhere in Canada or your next trip to the US of A:

Free Taxi Apps Taxi Now This Vancouver start-up has taken hailing a taxi to the next level with GPS. Simply pull out your phone, see which taxis are nearest to you, hail one and watch it drive to you. Testing this app, the map showing which taxies were nearest to me crashed twice, but worked a third time. I love the idea behind this app, and will definitely use it next time I need a cab. Works best in: Vancouver, Canada with drivers in Toronto, Calgary and Ottawa quickly signing up too. Available for: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android

Taxi Magic As one of the most celebrated taxi apps, Taxi Magic is the first online booking service to integrate right into taxi dispatch systems. In major US cities where this app works best, find a taxi based on your location, track its arrival and charge the ride to your credit card. Note, this app also has web and text support if booking online or via text is more your thing. Works best in: major cities in the US as well as tap-to-call fleets in 4000 US and Canadian cities. Available for: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Palm.

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