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I am writing this post from Puerto Vallarta Mexico. We’re staying at a family-friendly, all-inclusive resort, with my husband’s side of the family. The weather has been perfect and the resort is lovely, but I have a confession to make: my expectations for rejuvenation weren’t too high for this trip! Good thing I was wrong, and my husband and I made a simple, daily exercise schedule to keep our bodies and minds sharp!

The Daily Schedule I am literally amazed that we are entering week two feeling relaxed, healthy and energetic. How did this happen?! I was sure my husband and I would be sick, or at the very least burned out by now. Our answer: the daily schedule we were once dreading.

Good Timing Up until very recently we were the couple in the family without kids. Nap times did not dictate our daily schedule, nor did the operating hours of the froggy slide. Things are different now, but much to our surprise, the change has been a very good thing.

A New Itinerary In the midst of our new “itinerary”, my husband and I have made an exciting discovery: a plan does not take the fun out of a holiday, rather it makes play---or rest, or work, or whatever you need out of your holiday---possible! Once we worked through some initial growing pains, we realized that our new routine is actually infusing tons of life and energy into our days.

Day 1 - The Plan On day 1, we made a plan for spelling one another off to give us both a chance to exercise, read, swim in the adult pool, have a drink at the bar, whatever, as long as chasing a two year old wasn’t involved. Spending time as a family was still our biggest priority, so these breaks required efficiency.

The 20-Min Workout I love my daily exercise, but I also love to read on the beach, my solution: a very simple, efficient 20- to 30-minute workout. The fact that my husband has adopted this daily practice as well is truly incredible. Typically, on vacation, he would prefer to call a round of mini golf his workout for the day. Now, he can’t get over how much more energetic he feels from devoting a short amount of time to intense and efficient daily exercise.

Running – For a short workout, running is a fabulous way to get the most bang for your buck. Alternating the morning or afternoon “shift”, I either hit the beach or the treadmill. When I’m on the treadmill, I have a good hard run for 20 minutes...that’s it. I add variety with 1-minute sprints or hills. Twice a week I’m doing a quick circuit routine after my treadmill run (could be done on the beach too) of 3 strengthening exercises (e.g. 10 push-ups, 10-12 forward lunges with overhead reach, and 30 for the core; repeat twice).

So that’s it! Combined with earlier nights and regular wake-up times, we’re feeling great and are returning home truly relaxed, refreshed AND invigorated.

Whether you are parenting on your vacation or not, try making a plan with whomever you are travelling, to ensure you accomplish all you want and need to do!

{When she’s not training clients or being trained by her dog Zuzu, Leah writes Healthy on the Road, published the first Thursday of every month.}

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