Healthy on the Road :: Complete Renewal

Healthy Travel + mental renewalUse your next trip as an opportunity to renew ALL of you!

Aside from business travel, many of us travel to get away from it all. It is our hope that when we return home, we will feel refreshed, renewed and ready to tackle whatever life throws our way. Unfortunately, more often than not, our mini vacations can leave us feeling kind of blue on the journey home.

A Great Start It’s only natural to mourn the loss of lazy days on the beach or the chilled-out version of ourselves. Perhaps a renewed outlook on life is not exclusively reserved for the 19-year-old, globe-trotting, soul-searching traveler? Perhaps it is something that can be embraced by all travelers? The simple act of getting away from our busy lives and routines is a great start.

Time Out to Check-In Unfortunately, just like we often make the mistake of breaking from physical activity when we travel, our emotional and mental health can also suffer if we don’t take some time out to check-in.

A Challenge With this in mind, on your next trip, I challenge you to escape completely, recognizing your health and wellness is bigger than your physical fitness; it also encompasses mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Most philosophies of life value all four dimensions, and recognize the necessity of a taking care of all of them in order to live life to the fullest.

What Inspires and Uplifts You? Mental and spiritual renewal is very personal; it draws upon whatever it is that inspires and uplifts you. Some find renewal listening to music, others find it walking along the beach, listening to the quietness of a winter snowfall or prayerfully meditating. It is different for all of us.

Finding Renewal Wherever and however you find renewal, go there and do that for at least one hour. This personal hour will have a huge impact on every other hour of your trip, including your sleep. Building your physical, spiritual and mental strength will, among other things, enable you to better handle the daily challenges waiting to greet you when the trip is over. And when you return home, try to keep up the habit {of escaping and finding renewal---even for only a few mins} and watch your overall health soar!

{When she’s not training clients or being trained by her dog Zuzu, Leah writes Healthy on the Road, published the first Thursday of every month.}

[photo by Trish]