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Trip Styler's hotel reviewsIt's always nice to know if a friend or someone you trust, liked or disliked a hotel you're thinking of visiting. This way, you know if it's worth the visit, mirrors your preferred trip style, or is the perceived value you're seeking.

Beyond the free travel tips and hints provided at Trip Styler, over the past two years, we've also been working behind the scenes to meticulously review 60+ hotels---all of which are recent, not reviews from 4 years ago. Given we don't regularly post about the specifics of our hotels stays, we wanted to let you know we're always doing reviews with your future stay in mind.

Aside from the current list below, you can easily access the constantly updated hotel list by clicking on the Trip Advisor icon at the top right of the site!

Top 3 Hotels & Why Sorobon Beach Resort, Bonaire [review] Why? "To describe Sorobon Beach resort as ‘basic beachfront bliss’ doesn't even do it justice. The warm staff and well-kept facilities make it feel as though you’re visiting your friend’s island outpost where there are only a few orders to the day: hot beach, cool dip, snooze under palapa, watch geckos scurrying around; repeat."

Fairmont Mara Safari Club, Kenya [review] Why? "The scenery you see in the Mara is like you are watching a National Geographic high-def program, but it's real, and you're part of the show! Coupled with the luxury rooms and service at the Mara Safari Club, this trip was one of the highlights of my travel experiences!"

Wilson Island, Australia [review] Why? "Picture a place where fine wines mingle with coral sand, gourmet fare compliments shabby island-chic decor and each morning you wake up looking out toward an ocean that sparkles. Wilson is an eco-retreat that’s worth the splurge. With only 6 tents and an off-the-grid feel, the Island is the perfect host to the traveler who wants an idyllic Swiss Family Robinson retreat with extra, thoughtful perks like a champagne at sundown with fine cheese, crudites and crackers."

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[photo by @tripstyler, taken at the Wailea Marriott]