Jetset Jingles :: Turbulence Playlist

music for a plane in turbulenceWe're trying out something new this month, and want your feedback. Would you be interested in a once monthly music post featuring perfect playlists for all things travel? Jetset Jingles would feature music to get you in the Aloha spirit, to calm airport chaos, to transport you to beachy vistas, to complement a sunny afternoon spent dockside, and so on. The first Jetset Jangles is debuting with a turbulence playlist.

I hate turbulence, but unfortunately it's a mainstay of air travel. Some of the worst turbulence I ever experienced was on a flight from Toronto to Nassau. The entire {not exaggerating} 2.5 hour flight was fraught with big bumps and deep dips. Physically, I had the constant feeling of...let's just say my barf bag was on high alert. Mentally, I was in a anxiety-ridden tizzy.

Aside from the Tums and Gravol to counter in my physical angst, what I needed was a soothing, spa-like playlist that would calm the not always friendly skies. And don't worry, Tom Petty's "free falling" won't be making an appearance below.

Turbulence Playlist {turning storms into sunsets} 1/ Breathe In - Frou Frou 2/ Hide and Seek - Imogen Heap 3/ Watermark - Enya 4/ Try a Little Tenderness - Michael Bublé 5/ You Are the One - Elliott Yamin 6/ Everything - Lifehouse 7/ Lullaby - Creed 8/ Come Away With Me (Deluxe Version) - Norah Jones 9/ Gravity - John Mayer 10/ The Dress Looks Nice On You - Sufjan Stevens

Listen to the Turbulence Playlist here.

[photo by kevin dooley]