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Hopefully you're not an impulse shopper, because having this next app at your fingertips could be dangerous!

Jetsetter, a trip style = luxury  travel flash sale website, has just launched an iPhone app where you can view and book current sales at any moment!

Jetsetter is a free-to-join, member's-only site, meaning you can't view the travel deals unless you're a member {see jetsetter link above to join}. HOWEVER, if you install the app, you can view the deals sans membership and get an instant membership upon download.

I've booked 2 trips via Jetsetter and have been really happy with both hotels, one in Portland and one in LA. Jetsetter's hotel descriptions and reviews are balanced, listing the features and drawbacks so you know what you’re getting into. Luckily, the app also includes these descriptions and reviews so you can make an informed decision when you succumb to the always-inspiring and always-changing travel flash sales; now, literally at your fingertips.


  • Free
  • Works with iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad, and Blackberry
  • Android is next on the list
  • No word yet on a Blackberry platform

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