New Uses For Common Travel Items

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Any time a typically packed item can double in the program while traveling, it's a win. Fewer packed essentials means a lighter bag and less fussing at the destination. And let's be honest, who wants to root through an overpacked bag in their room while a destination is waiting to be explored!

Here are a few new uses for common travel items. Let us know if you have any to add!

Baking Soda Make a paste with water and use as a facial exfoliator or as an extra whitener and gritty helper for teeth cleaning.

Vaseline If you scuff your leather shoes while traveling, dab a little vaseline on the area and smooth. Watch the scuff or nick disappear. See more uses for Vaseline here.

A Shoe Use to open a bottle of wine when you're sans corkscrew. Here's how {note, video is in French, but actions speak louder than words}.

Baby Powder Sprinkle in flats or loafers before and after use to freshen shoes and deodorize feet. If you're travelling with a lot of whites, baby power can be used as a stain guard in conjunction with your hotel room's iron. Add a dash of baby powder to the garment's underarm area and iron over it to create a protective barrier against staining. See more uses for baby powder here.

Film Canister I know 99% of us are digital now, but if you can get your hands on a film canister, use it as a mini nail polish remover kit by cutting up a sponge, soaking it in polish remover and placing in the canister. When you want to remove polish, just rub nails with the sponge and close back up for reuse.

Socks Wrap around shoes, especially those with heels to protect both shoes and clothes from being stabbed or pulled.

Shower Cap Use as a shoe bag so your garments don't come in contact with the dirt, germs and sand your soles pick up.

Zip Lock Bags Gets your liquids through security as well as protects your phone or camera pool or beachside.

Bubble Wrap This one is a little far fetched, but I thought it was an excellent compact packing idea when I read about it in Real Simple. Take a piece of bubble wrap the length and width of the unstructured necklaces and bracelets you're traveling with and lay the jewelry on top. Roll it tight to create a padded, on-the-go jewelry organizer. When you open it up, nothing will be tangled. If you don't have bubble wrap, use a sturdy scarf for the same effect. Bonus, place it in a Zip Lock bag for extra protection.

Oven Mitt If you're a last-minute gal who does your hair at the 55th moment, bring an oven mitt to place your still-warm straightener or curling iron into before packing up. Singed clothing crisis averted.

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