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[trip style = glamping + active & adventure + sightseeing + ski]

There's the Arctic Circle and then there's 250km above it. With a suitcase full of thermal underwear and down-filled jackets, today's Roam+Board is traveling towards polar bears and polar dips. With 40 log cabins Hotel Kakslauttanen is open year-round, but if you're going to travel to the ends of the earth, you might as well trip style = glamp in an igloo! Open December/January---whenever it gets cold enough---to April, the Igloo Village has 20 thermal glass domes {read: that don't frost over or fog up} and a snowball fight's worth of snow igloos to give guests a frigid, first-hand experience.

Finland. Hotel Kakslauttanen is 1085kms away from Helsinki. If you want to get there quickly, fly from Helsinki to Ivalo {via finnair or norwegian} and take a 35km {$33} transfer to the hotel. If you've got time and want to see the Finnish landscape---saunas and all---ride a train/bus combo.

During the Aurora Borealis viewing season {late August - April}. Though it's never guaranteed you're going to see the night skies flow like Joseph's technicolor dreamcoat, the hotel rings a signal bell when the Northern Lights are visible.

You're a modern-day Christopher Columbus, exploring the earth's far reaches in search of a green and pink-hued night sky and the world's largest smoke sauna.

Two people can stay in a glass igloo for $477 and a snow igloo for $472 in winter. Add $36 per person/day for breakfast and dinner. Don't worry, for this price, they won't leave you out in the cold, every glass igloo is equipped with a toilet, sink and luxury beds. Plus, in the words of the hotel: "on every evening a hot sauna and a refreshing ice hole are waiting for you." Hmm, ice hole. I can handle cold plunges, but polar dips are another story!

Trip Styler Tip: Most people choose to stay in a glass or snow igloo for one night and in a cabin, starting at $338/dbl occ, for remaining nights. Why? All cabins have showers and personal saunas...

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[photos assembled by @tripstyler via Hotel Kakslauttanen]