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Last week we swooped into a three-part series on extraordinary Whistler experiences by way of Ziptrek Ecotours. This week we brush up on our Nordic bathing skills at Scandinave, and next week we’ll venture into wine cellars and frosty rooms to sample Whistler’s food and beverage marvels.

Hot, cold, relax. Repeat. Hot, cold, relax. Repeat. Hot, cold, relax. Repeat... This toxin-eliminating outdoor bathing ritual is one of Whistler's über experiences inviting the mind, body and soul to purify and relax. And since it's Whistler, do so looking out at Ansel Adams-worthy mountaintop scenery.

Long used in Nordic countries as a regular wellness tradition, Scandinave Spa has brought the bathing sequence to a secluded rainforest by way of a 20,000 square foot spa. With fir, hemlock and cedar trees insulating you in every direction, a rosemary-scented sauna, eucalyptus steam bath, brisk waterfalls and relaxation solariums cleanse the body and skin, and improve circulation. Think of it as a mini health retreat.

During my first visit, I set aside the whole afternoon to sit, dip and sprawl in hammocks and Adirondack chairs, beside crackling fires and meandering streams. In round three of the hot-cold-relax sequence, I got stalled in relax mode. Sitting on a pale wooden chair under the glow of a heat lamp, I dozed for an hour and a half, waking every so often to the sun peering through the clouds. Coming to, I knew the sequence was complete. Relaxation achieved.

The Skinny

  • Who:  Adults 19+
  • When: Every day of the year---rain, shine, snow or ice---from 10am-9pm, excluding Christmas day. Baths open at 10am, massages start at 9am.
  • How/Cost: The Scandinavian bathing ritual costs $58 and doesn't require a reservation. One of the best spa values in Whistler is to reserve a Swedish, RMT or other massage starting at $135 {sometimes the 9am slot is $99} and the baths are included!

Trip Styler Tips :: Bring flip flops for walking around the change rooms and between bathing experiences. Stay three hours for full relaxation benefits. Follow the spa's quiet rules [it makes it more relaxing for everyone]. My favorite times at the spa are when the least amount of people are there: the first and last few hours of the day! Finally, this probably goes without saying, but you need a bathing suit....

[photos by @TripStyler]

{Disclaimer: I've been to Scandinave 25 times, had 10+ massages, and paid my own way each time but once.}