Just Go With It....in Scottsdale

Scottsdale AZ, just go with it[trip style = "sun" + spa]

I recently saw the hilarious movie Just Go With Itwith Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler {mostly filmed in Wailea---a destination I adore}. The movie was a timely reminder about the importance of having a just go with it attitude when traveling, and incidentally, became the motto for my trip to Scottsdale, AZ last weekend.

Altered Expectations Leading up to the weekend away, the usually sunny Arizonian skies were looking like they'd commit a grey and wet faux pas. I have a love/hate relationship with previewing forecasts, and unfortunately the weather report was right. On top of this, the temperature seemed a lot like Vancouver's. The irony is, Scottdale's weather was nice every day before we arrived and every day after we left. Plans to escape Vancouver's winter and sit poolside in the desert had to be altered.

Just Going with It Being a big believer in just going with it {in life and in travel} and making the best of a situation....

  • Mid-morning hot tubbing turned into a fabulous shopping day {Scottsdale has great malls like Kierland Commons and outlets like Neiman Marcus Last Call}.
  • Lunching by the pool turned into lunching at True Foods, a natural-meets-industrial bunch of restaurants centered on the principals of Dr. Andrew Weil’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Food Pyramid, then sipping coffee at beautifully designed coffee shop at the Elizabeth Arden Spa.
  • Post-lunch bevvies turned into checking out the famed art deco, 1929-built Biltmore Hotel, rumored to be where White Christmas was written in 1938 or 1939.
  • Late afternoon dozing turned into happy hour at La Hacienda {where we ate the best made-in-front-of-you guacamole in the world} and Bourbon Steak.
  • Morning walks or runs turned into reading magazines and sipping Nespressos.
  • A hike up Camelback turned into indoor yoga {best/hardest class ever, taught by a 75-year-old!}.

The best part of the weather's hiccup? We made impromptu appointments at the spa, spending the afternoon having massages, sipping prickly pear lemonade and recharging in the hot tub with a cascading theapudic waterfall.

All in all, though I missed my long lost friend the sun, we had a great time and didn't let the situation get us down. Next time you travel and your trip throws you a curve ball, just go with it---you might uncover a new trip style or experience a different type of break from the ordinary!

{Trip Styler Tip: Scottsdale {and its surrounding areas} is an excellent destination for solo, couple, group or family travel. It has something for everyone. Next time you travel, remember it as a less expensive alternative to Hawaii.}

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[photos by @tripstyler, except bottom row by Scottsdale Princess]